Aparthotel Molo Park, Mielno Aparthotel Molo Park, Mielno
Aparthotel Molo Park, Mielno
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Attractions of Mielno and the surrounding area

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Certainly, being in Mielno, you must go to the beach. It is clean, and there is a separate guarded bathing area. Of course, it is worth noting that there is also a seaside promenade. We recommend not only sunbathing on it, but also walks at sunset or, for early birds, a walk at sunrise. The wide sandy beach is very well maintained. It is a perfect place for whole families and all those who want to rest and relax in beautiful surroundings.

Lake Jamno

In Mielno, apart from the sea, you can also go to Lake Jamno, located a few hundred meters from the Baltic Sea. It is extremely clean and developed in terms of tourism. You can spread a blanket on the shore and relax or rent a boat. The advantages do not end there, because you can swim in the lake, but also have fun and do water sports. It is also a great area for anglers. At the fishing harbour, there is the Tramp sea club, where there is a luxury yacht rental, but you can also rent pedal boats or kayaks. In the summer season, we recommend a small boat trip.

Dune Golf & Racing

The Dune Golf & Racing simulator zone is a place for everyone. It is located in the Dune A complex, at 18 Pionierów Street in Mielno. In Dune Golf & Racing you can feel the same emotions as when playing on the golf course or during a real car race. Golf simulator is a game perfect for both professionals and amateurs. It's not only fun, but also a chance to improve your skills. Driving in a racing simulator is an interesting experience. Due to the fact that this simulator was created by professionals, the car feeling is very realistic.

Electric bike rental

A longer trip with the whole family or maybe a recreational ride around Mielno with a group of friends? Cycling enthusiasts are encouraged to use modern and reliable electric bicycles that ensure comfortable riding without much effort. Rent a bike at Dune Beach Resort and admire the picturesque coastal routes during holiday rides!

Dune Ice Skating rink

We love attractions in Mielno! One of them is an ice rink for children and adults. This is the perfect way to spend your free time and give yourself a huge dose of endorphins! You can spend time actively here and break away from the routine of a sedentary lifestyle. Come to the Dune Ice Skating zone and try your hand! The entrance ticket for 1h for Molo Park guests is free, rental of skates for 1h - 10 PLN.

Hortulus Gardens

Hortulus Thematic Gardens in Dobrzyca are 28 gardens in various themes and styles, arranged on an area of 5.5 ha. There are gardens inspired by the natural landscape, the culture of different nations, and above all, the original gardens of the senses in the English style.
Hortulus Spectabilis Gardens in Dobrca is a new park and garden complex. The main attraction of this complex is the world's largest hornbeam labyrinth, in the heart of which there is a 20-meter observation tower. From the tower's terrace you can enjoy views of the countryside and gardens.

Rope Park in Mielno

The perfect attraction for the whole family. If you are tired of sunbathing or swimming, you can bet on active rest - a good choice is the rope park Tukan. This is an attraction that we recommend to all people who like physical activity, emotions, but also a large dose of adrenaline. Of course, before entering the park, everyone undergoes a short training on how to overcome the route. All attractions are completely safe, because safety equipment is used, the use of which we will also be trained.

The Forest Loop of Adventures and Mysteries

Beautiful areas and many attractions that will appeal to even the youngest. Being in Mielno, you cannot fail to visit the Forest Loop of Adventures and Mysteries. It is a nature trail that leads through extremely charming areas. You can see settlements and bunkers with your own eyes, but also enjoy the atmosphere of an old forest or dunes. Undoubtedly, the area is picturesque. This is a great attraction for the whole family, which will give a lot of pleasure even to the youngest participants.

Friendship Promenade

The Przyjaźni Promenade in Mielno was established in 1908 and at the beginning served the function of strengthening and protecting the shores against the often destructive action of the waves. Currently, however, it has become a great tourist attraction that you must see while in Mielno. We recommend taking walks and admiring the picturesque landscape of the city or the sea. In addition, along the promenade there are numerous benches where you can sit and relax or take a photo. The side wall of the promenade is decorated with graffiti, but this is not the end of the attractions, because there are chess sets with large pieces to play on its territory.

The lighthouse in Gąski

Being in the area, it is also worth going to the lighthouse in Gąski, located about 10 kilometers from Mielno. Dense granite stairs lead to its top and you have to climb 190 to get to the top. The building itself is about 50 meters high. The views from its top are stunning. The lighthouse is located in the very center of the village. At its base there is still a lighthouse keeper's house. Stroll through the picturesque area and visit the local cafes.

Homestead Jamno

An attraction for the whole family and every fan of history. Zagroda Jamno is an open-air museum with examples of 19th-century architecture. There is a reconstructed peasant farm in the area. You can also admire the characteristic products of the Jamnaean culture. There is a modern barn nearby, where numerous workshops, meetings and even cultural events take place. The ticket price is PLN 24. It is worth going there with the whole family to admire the old culture, architecture and just have a great time.

Walrus Monument

At Kościuszko Street in Mielno, we can find a bronze statue of a walrus. This animal was chosen not by accident, because Mielno is said to be the Polish capital of walruses. And swimming in cold water, which is becoming more and more popular every year. Did you know that the Walrus Rally takes place in Mielno every year? Since 2004, winter lovers have been coming here from all over Poland. Hence, Mielno could not miss the walrus monument!


Upside down house

There is also an interesting attraction at Kościuszko Street. We're talking about an upside-down gingerbread house - but don't worry, Baba Yaga won't threaten you! It is an interesting construction that allows you to experience an unusual perspective, as well as gymnastics for the mind that tries to arrange the seen elements and wonders - how is this possible? The unique architecture, although turned upside down, is completely safe for tourists, including the youngest.


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